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EHR Incentive Program

2013 – The Year of EHR Vendor Switch?

According to a Black Book poll of 17,000 active EHR users, as many as 17 percent may switch out their EHR by the end of the year.  The top reasons for switching include:

  • EHR did not meet practice needs, including workflow (80%)
  • The practice had not adequately assessed its needs before selecting the original EHR (79%)
  • The design of the EHR is not suited for the medical specialty (77%)
  • The EHR vendor is not responsive to requests and needs (44%)
Adapted from the original press release.
EHR Incentive Program News

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ICD-10 News

Updated resources are now available to reflect the October 1, 2014, deadline. The CMS implementation guides, checklists, and timelines have been adapted and provide step-by-step guidance around the transitions. Click here for the latest ICD-10 information from CMS.

Forms, Instructional Guides and Training Manuals:

The following information is provided for healthcare professionals who want to have a pleasant experience working with Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) as well as the Professional Provider Telecommunication Network (PPTN):